I think this should also head out to the woman friend Katy Perry who is presently was matchmaking the lady ex John Mayer!

This might be about Camilla Belle taking Joe Jonas from Taylor. On web site about Camilla Belle, entirely on Wikipedia it regularly state Camilla Belle are an actress but shes better-known for items that she do throughout the matress, thus that shows taylor try talking about her. furthermore the words “c’mon show-me exactly how much much better you are, is refering to Joe Jonas’ track written about taylor where he says the girl he’s now is really better. the lyrics “Oh they failed to educate you on that in prep school” rencontre politique célibataire is talking about a comment Camilla enabled to taylor about developing upwards up a christmas forest farm and exactly how she lot where the woman is today considering the lady household are rich, where as taylor needed to allow it to be herself.


She meant this song for Camilla Belle which ‘stole’ Joe Jonas away from her. She discussed within the song: ‘she actually is simply an actress’ Camilla is an actress. ‘zero quantity of antique dresses provides self-esteem’ Camilla provides a large love for vintage clothing ‘show-me how much much better you might be’ is the tune Joe Jonas wrote about their new gf becoming much better than Taylor Swift. ‘i love to rhyme their title with facts’ For The history, any time you pay attention directly, you are able to listen to ‘Camilla Gorilla’


This song is about Camilla, the lady which took Joe Jonas away from her. She is demonstrably not very happy about it, and mentions factual statements about they in the song such as for instance “she actually is an actress” and how they distills “You thought i might forget” when you look at the album. In addition, they claims “Now whoever best” that is returning to a tune Joe Jonas published about exactly why Camilla ended up being much better than Taylor. Sucks individually Joe AND Camilla 🙂

This song is focused on the one thing: REVENGE. Swift are writing on her envy with this lady exactly who stole the lady boyfriend. She’s advising the lady that she will see your back and become the lady payback for the proper way feasible. >:)

Without the lady individual reputation of the ding, we presumed it had been an easy method of informing a rival that she’s not to ever become underestimated. She feels really passionately about a guy and he was stolen from in side of the lady.


I am a big buff of your track and Taylor published they so that Joe since she didnt disregard and she mentions some traces suggesting its about Camilla and Joe. One-line states “Shes better-known when it comes down to activities she does on the Matress” i believe what this means is she becomes dudes by the girl appearance and her sex. Camilla obvoisly doesnt like Taylor. Taylor in addition discusses Camilla as a childish individual because of the line “stealing ppls toys on the playground wont allow you to lots of friends” She in addition claims “Now can you nevertheless thought you know what your creating?” This is claiming: See?wish wreak havoc on me personally allows discover in which that gets,ya. That is a song that sorta threatens Camilla and Joe that shes gonna make them right back. She even states “i usually get the latest make fun of!” Better And this is what i believe the about

This can be mostly about Camilla taking Joe from Taylor. In line “She’s perhaps not a saint and she is not really what you might think. She is an actress. She is better known for all the thing that she do regarding bed mattress.” She actually is essentially wanting to determine Joe to not ever date the woman because she’s a whore.

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