The Rule of Ethics for Pro Instructors Reflection

Mrs. Jenny San Jose are an innovative new teacher in Malaban National senior high school. The college is arranged to carry their researching Camp on a Saturday. Relative to this task, Mrs. Josie Rivera, the institution major, informed the professors to go to and help the organizers to improve the function.

Mrs. San Jose who is enrolled in a master’s degree system aware the key that she cannot enable it to be for she needs to attend this lady Saturday course.

Situation 4

Mrs. Anna Lee A. Amores does not desire the lady scholar known as Joel to get the highest honor awardee but she favors Leonard, another college student to get the acceptance. Being ensure that Leonard get the highest honor award, she provided Joel lower levels in recitation plus overall performance tasks. Will it be directly to provide Joel lower grades simply to generate Leonard the awardee?

Instance 5

Mr. Mario B. Reyes was training the past 15 years. Anytime their principal would query your to wait knowledge, he’d constantly drop and would inquire another instructor to attend the said classes. Is it the proper?


Now you are carried out reading and evaluating various arrangements and content given within the Code of Ethics for expert coaches, you might be required to express your ideas targeting the learning that you attained with this treatment and at the same time, other information that you thought are needed to discover concerning laws of Ethics.


dedicate myself personally to stick to the laws of Ethics, which will serve as my guidelines in every little thing i really do for the solution of my profession.

Study the following problems. Choose the best choice by getting a check on the space provided for each preference. Describe the solution.

Situation # 1

Being someone recognized for his integrity and credibility, Mr. Elbert R. Tolentino happens to be helping included in the Board of Election Canvassers over the past several years. But inside impending elections, his mom is running as barangay chief. This is why, he is questioned to strategy on her. Is-it alright for him to venture for his mother’s candidacy? Clarify the answer.

Situation # 2

Mr. po, who has been training the past 25 years, refused to sign up for a significant seminar in Mindanao. Each time he is requested by the main to wait these a hobby, he constantly requests a fresh teacher to wait. As a professional instructor, is-it right to express refusal in participating in conferences.

Situation #3

Ms. flower Q. Reyes submitted two-piece swimsuit picture of by herself in her own Twitter webpage. She obtained unfavorable commentary from the society and stakeholders. Ms. Reyes justified that she’s got the authority to publish things on her behalf myspace account because it was the woman individual profile. Could it be suitable for Mrs. Reyes doing such?

Situation # 4

During barangay fiesta, Mr. Ben Y. Maya had been selected once the fiesta directorate chairman. Due to their talent, the guy acknowledged the task willingly even with no honorarium. The guy facilitated culture-based activities that generated their barangay fiesta a substantial one. Is it alright for Mr. Maya never to get any payment for his treatments rendered since this shall be a precedent for the succeeding task coordinator?

Situation no. 5

Mrs. Dae P. Habalo, of Sibulan National senior high school would not declare students for not-being a homeowner with the said barangay where in fact the school can be found. Will it be right for the lady to do this?

Situation no. 6

Traditionally, a civic procession are used with college participating during flexibility Day. All instructors and college students are required to go to. Each one of Mrs. Katherine Y. Sedillo’s students include thrilled to participate the stated procession but she did not join all of them as a result of personal explanation and only asked the chairman from the course to check on the attendants of their friends. May be the decision of Mrs. Sedillo maybe not answerable for almost any untoward experience to take place into students?

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